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The business gas is same as home gas and the gas providers provides the same gas for home needs but when compare to home gas business gas needs read more

Business Electricity

When compared to home electricity, Business electricity plans differs in many ways You will be having tailored quotes and can have a chance for negotiation. read more

Home Electricity & Gas

Home electricity and gas both have different price patterns which will be fluctuating the whole year and taxes levied on them is just 5% as well as read more

Fixed Tariffs and their working

A contract depicting the amount a business Company need to pay for its energy is known as the fixed tariffs. It mainly includes

1. Specific price per unit of electricity.

2. Daily standing charge that is payable​irrespective of the consumption of electricity by the company or business.

Typically this contract last for a period of 1 year to 4 years within a specific boundary refusing the alterations in the cost per unit and standing charges. This type of tariffs lock the prices and act as a shield for you against the sudden increase in prices. Also, for a long run, fixed tariff charges place themselves as a deal of profit in comparison to the variable energy deals.

Variable tariffs and their working

On a direct note, Variable tariffs are the approach to grab the advantage of the fluctuations in the prices of energy in the market. Through a little smartness a experience, one can purchase for months or years tracing the favourable time when the prices are low. For a common individual, it could be a very risky plan (as you may find your business out of a contract when the prices are very high), but for professionals like us, it is merely a piece of cake to guide you when and where you should invest as far as energy deals are concerned.

Our experienced team will gather all the information about your business and your energy requirements. We will take care of your expectations and conditions about the deal and will try our best to put a big smile on your faces. Also our managers will always be in touch with you and will contact you when your contract will be near to the expiry date as we believe in building long relationship with our customers.

How will we benefit you in business electricity savings?

We have a large number of experts having a vast experience in the field. These experts are dedicated to provide you the best possible electricity deals.

– We are in relation with a large number of energy suppliers across UK to conquer best electricity tariff rates for you.

With the assistance of our experience, we will remove all types of complexities encountered in the process of choosing a suitable tariff plan.

We value the time of our customers, so we leave no stone unturned in saving your valuable time in the process.

– We will take you to the platform where you will find best business electricity energy deals according to the requirements of your business or industry.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate target, and we will not step an inch behind to make you feel satisfied with our services.

Summing up all these points on a piece of paper, one can easily draw a conclusion that it will be a business of pure profit to give us a call for your assistance in terms of business energy savings. We will be very happy to offer you the best energy deals in terms of your business and will carry our relationship to a next level in future.

Compare Business Electricity Suppliers

Switching business electricity suppliers can be a very tedious and time consuming business. As a result, many business owners end up choosing the wrong tariff plan according to their requirement.

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How can i find the Meter Reference number on the bill ( MPAN)

The Mpan enables us to generate accurate quote for the electricity and it starts with a letter S in a box and a set of numbers.

What is a 28 day rolling contract ?

Business which has not taken a contract or have not switched suppliers since the market was de regulated in 1990 are usually on 28 rolling contract. These business usually pay higher than average business in the area. We strongly recommend to take a competitive fixed plan for a minimum of 12 months .

What are Deemed , Out of contract , Emergency Rates ?

Business are charged deemed/ out of contract prices from supplier if their existing contract has ended and they have not taken a new contract or if they have recently moved into the premises.

we contact our customers well before their contract finishes to offer them best prices to avoid out of contract prices.

Do I have to do anything to switch supplier?

You don’t have to do anything we will do all the paperwork for you and keep you updated throughout the switching process.

We would strongly advise you send a termination notice to your existing supplier so they don’t object the transfer.

What if my supplier objects the transfer ?

As a business owner you have the right to change your supplier when you contract is ended with current supplier. Usually the supplier will not object the transfer if a termination notice is served however suppliers do object a transfer if there is an outstanding debt in the account.

We will work with you in resolving the objection to make sure the transfer takes place.

What rate of VAT should I be charged for my gas or electricity?

All business in UK are charged with 20 % Vat on business gas and electric bills.

What is Climate Change Levy ?

Climate change levy also known as CCL is a government tax on business for the use of energy which applies to both business gas and electric.

What is Meter Serial Number ( MSN ) ?

MSN is a unique number to identify your meter . The meter serial number is also printed on your bills.

Why have my energy bills gone up ?

Energy bills are calculated based on the consumptions if you recently added any new equipment this could be the reason on rise of consumption. Monitor your meter reading for a week and check your are using the same units as before . If you are using more units this mean your consumption has gone up and so has your bills.

How do I Get The Best Deal?

There exists a keen competition in the energy, gas, and fuel industry today given the volatility of the price of crude oil as well as the political situation and control of the OPEC over the market. In this scenario getting the best deal for business energy and gas supply can be tricky. Here are some tried and tested ways in which you can get the best deal for your business.


Business energy and gas suppliers usually quote in terms of average annual cost. This is not much help since you do not know how they arrived at the average and what the hidden costs are. Whenever you talk to a provider, ask for a complete breakdown of the rate per unit. Also ask about any fixed costs such as rental and cost of installation. This will give you a basis for comparison with other providers.

Fixed Term Pricing

Most providers in the United Kingdom will enter into contract at the agreed price for a fixed term of 3 to 5 years. The longer the term of contract the higher the price because the supplier has to provide for changes in taxation, inflation, and other variable factors not in their control. Typically, a 3 year contract works best as far as fixed term pricing is concerned.

Watch Out!

Make absolutely sure you are happy with the deal before you sign the dotted line. Once you sign, you are committed for the period of the contract and there is no way out – unless your business goes belly up in which case you can cancel the contract. Read and re-read the terms and conditions several times to make absolutely sure that you know what you are signing up for. Ask a ton of questions no matter how silly they may seem.

Most suppliers will automatically renew your contract at the end of the term. Check for any automatic hikes. As your deal nears the end, take another look and see if you want to renew or switch. It is a good idea to take another look 6 months before the date of renewal to give yourself sufficient time to reconsider your options.

Getting the best and cheapest business gas provider is the dream of every businessperson today. With a little care and attention you can get the ideal price best suited to your business needs.

Why switch business electricity?

3.4 million Customers have switch business electricity suppliers in the past year due to inflated business electricity rates or bad customer service. Many of these consumers received Business electricity tariff comparison from us and other Business electricity comparison sites and were able to shop for better a business energy deal, thanks to the Business Energy and Electricity comparison data easily available online in the UnitedKingdom.

Savings is the first and foremost incentive when we compare business electricity company tariffs. As per Ofgem, the leading analytical data contributor in the market for UK business electricity supplies and Business Energy, a big savings of around £230 is available for customers who Switch Business electricity Suppliers to a Cheap business electricity provider. UK business electricity supply cost varies from suppliers to suppliers, with large Business electricity suppliers rates reaching £1,066 a year to the cheapest Business electricity prices on the market been £834*.

Better customer service and opting for greener options are the other reasons affecting Customers decisions.

How does switching business electricity work?

Switching electricity has never been this easy. 3 years ago, it would take five weeks for the new UK business electricity supplies provider to start supplying electricity, however, the vast majority of switches now take just 21 days for the new electricity suppliers to complete the transfer. This also includes the 14 days cooling period.

We encourage customers to compare commercial electricity suppliers on our tools according to their Business electricity rates and the services they provide and then move forward to a better and cheap business electricity provider such as BritEnergies. There are two reasons to do so, one, BritEnergies organizes all the details of the switch and the second since all vendors use the same pipe to deliver your electricity and there is no groundwork to do.

A few things have to be taken care of before you switch Business electricity Suppliers (15), such as pay off any outstanding bills, arrange for the credit to be paid back to you and also take the final meter reading before switching to a more customer centric and cheap business electricity provider (11). BritEnergies will send you reminders on the same, saving you the worry of keeping track of things in your busy schedule.

You can compare commercial electricity suppliers with us and as per your requirements; we will send you quotations based on Business electricity tariff comparison and available UK business electricity supplies. There are other Business electricity comparison sites but we offer tailor made quotations after our tools compare commercial electricity suppliers and their Business electricity prices.

In addition, if you are terminating a fixed tariff contract with your current vendor based on Business electricity suppliers rates, we advise you to work out any exit fees and weigh those charges to the benefits received when you Switch Business electricity Suppliers.

Can I switch suppliers if my business electricity is supplied by the independent electricity transporter (IGT)?

Business electricity rates differ if the supplier is IGT based on UK business electricity supply cost. They work as smaller networks that link to the main ones.

You can still get great deals from us been one of the best Business electricity comparison sites and Switch Business electricity Suppliers if your electricity comes via IGT rather than the National Grid. However, be prepared to wait a little longer than a normal switch.

A few things have to be taken care of before you switch Business electricity Suppliers (15), such as pay off any outstanding bills, arrange for the credit to be paid back to you and also take the final meter reading before switching to a more customer centric and cheap business electricity provider (11). BritEnergies will send you reminders on the same, saving you the worry of keeping track of things in your busy schedule.

Since IGTs are few and located far hence their Business electricity prices are usually higher than other Business electricity suppliers rates. UK business electricity supply cost incurred by IGT is more than the National grid so Business electricity tariff comparison is not viable in this scenario. In addition, the quotes you receive does not include the extra IGT charges and you will need to add these on top of the Business Energy and Electricity comparison costs breakup.

Small and Medium UK business such as Hotels and restaurants located far off the grid have restraints and even though they Compare business electricity company tariffs, they cannot get a Cheap business electricity provider. However, we as one of the top Business electricity comparison sites can Compare business electricity company tariffs and provide a quote for the same.

Been experts in Business Energy and Electricity comparison, we have been assisting isolated businesses Compare business electricity company tariffs and get the best Business electricity rates in the market.

BritEnergies is one of the leading companies through which you can do a complete Business electricity tariff comparison and UK business electricity supply cost. Growing rapidly, it provides the best Business Energy and Electricity comparison and is named as a better and cheap business electricity provider.

As your new supplier, BritEnergies will send details of when the changeover will take place, as well as provide other information such as agreed payment method and dates. It is your responsibility to check that the details are correct.

Your old provider will ask you for a meter reading on the day of the switch so that they can send an accurate final bill.

Business customers are not usually eligible for a cooling off period (unlike the domestic customers) so been satisfied with the new pricing is the best option.

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