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British Gas Business

  • Small & multi type
  • Fixed, flexible & eco

12 months to 36 months


  • Small & multi type
  • Fixed, flexible & eco

12 months to 36 months


  • Small & multi type
  • Fixed, flexible & eco

12 months to 36 months


  • Small & multi type
  • Fixed, flexible & eco

12 months to 36 months


  • Small & multi type
  • Fixed, flexible & eco

12 months to 36 months


  • Small & multi type
  • Fixed, flexible & eco

12 months to 36 months


  • Small & multi type
  • Fixed, flexible & eco

12 months to 36 months


  • Small & multi type
  • Fixed, flexible & eco

12 months to 36 months

Business Gas

The gas provided for business needs and home needs are nothing but the same but the difference between both is their quantity of needs. Business gas requirement read more...

Business Electricity

The home electricity plans differs from business electricity plans in number of ways. You can negotiate the plans for home and you will get tailored quotes. read more...

Home Electricity & Gas

Home gas and electricity supply prices goes up and down the whole year and the taxes levied on them is only 5% and they also has option to easily switch read more...

Complexities in grabbing best gas energy deal

The fluctuations in the prices of gas are not merely due to circumstances of a country or area. It runs over the globe. Any variation in global market turns into the fluctuations in the gas prices which make it difficult to predict. But there is nothing to worry for you as Brit Energies has made a way to find out the best gas deals for you with a very simple process in fraction of time.

Compare Business Gas Online
Cheap Business Gas Tariffs UK

Types of business gas tariffs

For small and medium sized businesses, there are three major types of tariffs-

Guidance to switch business gas supplier.

As you know Britenergies provides you a cheaper and best business gas plans. We are here to guide you to switch your oldest plans.

Types of business gas tariffs

1. Fixed Rate Tariffs

As the name suggested, fixed rate tariffs provides you a shield against the increase in gas prices during the period of contract. During this period you need to pay your supplier the amount you have fixed at the beginning of the contract. Although, you will find a number of competitive rates but business gas comparison is must before nodding in yes for any deal because only the best rates can offer you the best reduction in your gas prices.

2. Deemed Tariff Rates

Deemed tariff rates are the prices of gas energy which are charged to the consumer when has never been a contract between him and supplier. It is applied until a new contract is put on the floor and it works on 28- day rolling terms.

3. Rolling Contract

This type of contract are not very popular in common practices as the suppliers are happy to offer deemed Tariff rates instead of going for rolling contract. Such contract ties you with inflated gas energy rates for a period of one year.

How to get the cheapest business deal

To maintain the cash inflows of any business, it is required to cut down the cash outflows. Reducing cost in terms of gas energy supply with no compromise on gas requirements is one such tools to kill a fraction of cash outflow. With proper planning, a good experience and an ample of knowledge in the field, you can crack the best gas deal for your business which will surely help in increasing the profit of your work.

At the snap of finger, you can compare different business electricity costs on Brit Energies and at the same time you can consult with our fantastic team of experts about your requirements and expectations. They will serve you the best deal according to the requirement and expectations of your business. Like electricity rate savings, you can save a handsome amount on your business by such comparisons at Brit Energies

While going through the other websites for comparison you might find it hard to choose a deal because of complexities and confusions running in your mind while witnessing a large number of gas rates by different suppliers. But at Brit Energies, we are happy to offer you a short, simple and effective comparison to take you to the next level. We always go an extra mile to avoid complexities for customers. So next time rather than falling into the trap of high rates, give us a chance to serve you.

How will we benefit your business in gas energy savings?

We have a big number of gas energy experts having a vast experience in the field. These people are fully dedicated to offer you the best possible gas deals.

We are in contact with a large number of gas energy suppliers across UK to provide you the best tariff rates.

Travelling on the vehicle of our experience, we will remove all types of complexities acting as a hurdle in your path of choosing a suitable gas tariff plan.

- We value the time of our customers and we leave no stone unturned in saving your valuable time in the process.

We provide the business gas energy comparisons and consultancy to every customer regardless of the fact that how big or small his business is. So you can feel free to contact us irrespective of the size of your business.- Our enthusiastic managers will always be in touch with you giving you a right to contact them for any kind of gas energy related queries.

- We will take you to the station where you will find best business gas deals according to the requirements of your business or industry.

Taking all these points in frame, one can easily understand the fact that we are the best in our business across UK. We always believe in going an extra mile for the convenience of our customers and are dedicated to provide best energy deals in terms of both the sectors i.e. electricity and gas energy. So feel free to give us a call to save your energy cost.

How to Save on Your Business Gas Bills

Running a business isn’t as easy as a pie. There are a lot of costs you need to incur and the importance of cutting down unnecessary expenses is supreme. In the commercial sector, like hotels . takeaways, pubs , restaurants ,laundrette , the business energy consumption is huge and this builds up the business energy costs thereby adding to your woes.

Be it gas or electricity consumption, paying too much for them isn’t a wise deal. Hence, one can look for help from the business gas comparison sites. By efficient business energy and gas comparison, they bring you the perfect time and money saving plan for you. Your business needs a cheap business gas provider. And these sites compare business gas comparison tariffs to find the one most suitable for you.

Moreover, it is really difficult to switch business gas suppliers. Finding the perfect deal with quotations that include cheap business gas prices isn’t easy. The commercial gas rates also fluctuate. Hence, you need a deal that will not only compare business gas suppliers rates prevailing in the market but also provide you with the cheapest contract possible.

The UK business gas supplies have experts who are specialized in the task of business energy gas comparison. They understand the kind of business you do, your energy demands, the size of your property & number of employees. After careful business energy and gas comparison, they present you with the list of different business gas providers with their business gas rates and proper tariff plans for you to choose from.

The business gas comparison sites like the United Kingdom power cater to all your needs and continue business gas tariff comparison among the best suppliers to find you the contract you’re most comfortable and happy with. To switch business gas suppliers according to your needs is easy because of these sites.

Before you compare business gas prices, one needs to understand what kind of costs are included in the business gas energy bills. Firstly, the cost of one unit of gas, usually measured in kWh and secondly, the price you pay for the transportation and maintenance of the gas supplies to your property. These two costs determine the business gas prices you pay every month.

Now, the size of your business and your needs determine the amount of business energy you need. Keeping these things in mind, you must choose the cheap business gas providers so as to lower your overheads as much as possible. But before choosing one plan, you need to compare business gas company tariffs and see which company provides you with the deals that are profitable for you.

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There are mainly two kinds of business gas rates:

The Fixed Business Gas Suppliers Rates – You agree to pay a fixed amount for your gas consumption. It is beneficial while the business gas rates boost up. But things do not go your way when the business gas rates are low and you are paying a higher price for it.

The Variable Business Gas Suppliers Rates – The rates depend upon the prevailing business gas prices in the market.

No matter what the size of your business is, you need to be energy efficient and to do so, it is necessary to opt for business gas tariff comparison. This is efficiently done by the business gas comparison sites like United Kingdom . You will save a lot of overheads if you switch business gas suppliers and opt for a cheap business gas provider. It is guaranteed that the costs will never burn holes in your pockets and bills will never be a restraint for you.

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Business Energy VS Home Energy

We all are having an idea of uses and importance of gas in our daily lives. There is a little difference in between the usage of gas for our house and for business purposes.

In domestic energy suppliers set up contract with the users without any particular end date. So if user finds some other supplier with low price they can switch business gas supplier. But some suppliers provide fixed term contracts.

In business energy contracts users enter with fixed term contract for the usage of business gas. Business energy rates or business energy prices are stable and less.

Energy meters of household energy and business energy works in different ways. Many people switch business gas suppliers due to various reasons. Some of the reasons are

business gas rates vary according to different business gas suppliers. Every person selects the business gas which is economical and affordable by them. So basing on the business gas comparison, users prefer cheap business gas so that their business can gain profits.

There are different types and categories of business like small sized business, medium sized business and large sized business. For example for small sized business, business gas prices are termed as small business gas prices. Consumption of business gas varies according to the requirement of that particular industry. So basing on the affordable and effective business gas prices and their business gas requirement customers switch business gas suppliers.


The process of switching business energy supplier is not so complicated. We can follow it in a stepwise manner.

You have to know expiry date of your existing business energy supplier contract.

You have to research and know the best deals and compare all of them

Inform your intention of changing to your supplier before 30 days.

Finally follow the procedure of the new business energy supplier by creating a contract with the new business energy supplier.
What information is required to switch a business energy supplier

For switching business energy you need to provide some information like

1. Type of business

2. Company registration number

3. Business address

4. Details of owner

5. Usage of energy

6. Details of meter

7. Existing supplier name

8. Current contract due date

we can see big six business energy suppliers names so that we can have an idea regarding suppliers

2. EDF Energy

3. E.ON

4. NPower

5. Scottish power

6. SSE

Some details about independent

1. Axis energy

2. Affect energy

3. BES utilities


5. Better energy

6. Corona energy

7. Clear business energy

8. Crown gas and power

9. Dual energy

10. Flogas

11. Haven power

12. Opus energy

13. MA energy

14. PFP energy

15. Power NI

16. Recent gas

17. Simple gas

18. United gas and Power

19. Yokshire Gas and Power

Some of renewable business energy suppliers

1. Energia
2. Engie
3. Good energy
4. F and S energy
5. Green energy
6. Hudson energy
7. Octopus energy
8. Smartest energy

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We understand switching supplier isn’t an easy task and need a lot of ground work by comparing prices and choosing best deal for business. To help business owners we have made the switching process hassle free by giving them the liberty of choosing best deal for their business from 150 quotes from multiple suppliers all at one place.

Brit Energies is an energy comparison site where our customers can choose the best tariff for their business and our customers will have the “POWER TO CHOOSE”

Yes we’ve helped thousands of business owners in saving money towards their utilities. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service to our customers .

Brit Energies has relationships with all major suppliers in UK we are determined to offer an impartial quote which gives our customers a “POWER TO CHOOSE”

Switching your supplier can be a hassle with all the follow ups and paperwork which you need to fill But choosing to switch your supplier through Brit Energies is very convenient and hassle free . As an expert in the energy market and excellent knowledge of switching process we will do all the paperwork for you all you have to do choose best quote for your business.

We will keep you updated with the switching process and there won’t be any discrepancies in your services during the process.

Do I need to change my meter ?

No you don’t need to change your existing meter .

Prices charged by supplier for Business Electricity and Gas can differ from business to business. UK is divided in 13 area/regions and business in the same area usually get similar prices .

The variable required to quote cheap business gas and electricity rates are , Annual Consumption , Postcode , Meter type & payment methods

Average annual consumption for business electricity SME is 20000 Kwh/year and for gas its 40000 Kwh/year and the best payment method is Direct Debit.

Most Energy offer their services subjected to credit check of the business.

Getting a quote with Brit Energies is very simple just click on compare now fill information about your business .Our UK based agents will give you a ring to understand your requirement and offer you cheapest quote available for your business .

We have strong relationships with all major suppliers and our prices are the most competitive and are willing to offer a £1000* cash back if we are not able to beat your existing renewal quote.

The large energy suppliers that are often referred to as the ‘big six’ are:

E.ON (also known as Powergen)

N power (also known as RWE)

Scottish & Southern Energy (also know as SSE, incorporating Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric, SWALEC, Atlantic Electric & Gas.)

Scottish Power

EDF Energy (incorporating London Energy, SWEB and Seeboard)

British Gas Business (incorporating Scottish Gas, Electricity for Business, Bizzenergy, Enron and Electricity Direct)

We are independent energy consultants with strong relations with all the major energy suppliers and we offer an impartial service to our customers. We are committed in offering the best quote for your business regardless of the commissions offered by the supplier for retaining or signing up a new contract.

We offer a free service to our customers and we receive commissions from our suppliers for setting up a new contract or retaining with them. We earn the trust of our customers by offering an impartial and valuable service

We ask our customers to keep a copy of their bill so we can confirm the meter type and Consumption and it enables us to generate an accurate quote .We aim to offer our customers a best price available in the market.

Contract end dates are printed on your bills under your contract details.

As a Non profit organization you are eligible for a lower rate of VAT and Climate change levy exemption. A reduction on VAT and CCL will make huge difference on your gas and electricity bills.

It usually take 4-6 weeks to switch a supplier and we advise our customer to initiate the process at least 4 weeks before the contract end date to avoid any out of contract rates.

Brit Energies is an impartial business energy comparison site we help businesses in saving money towards their business gas bill by comparing best business gas deals .

To compare best business gas deal grab a copy of your recent bill and give us a ring on 02039721033 or simply click on compare now by which you’ll be able to choose from over 150 business gas tariffs for your business. If you have chosen a deal Brit Energies will do all the paperwork and will organise your contract with your new supplier and the switch over should take up to 6 weeks

You can save upto 40% on your business gas bills by simply comparing over 150 business gas tariffs suitable for your business . You will be able to compare business gas prices with all the major suppliers in the UK by simply calling us on 02039721033 or by clicking on compare now

A fixed term contract consists of a fixed price per Kwh through our term of contract. This price is fixed at the time of taking the contract and its fixed for the duration of the business gas contract. Ideally the term of contract could 1 ,2,3 ,4 or 5 years fixed term contracts. Taking a fixed term contract is always beneficial for the business.

Variable tariffs are usually higher than fixed term tariffs as price fluctuates with the current change in the market and could be very risky for business.

Business gas bills are calculated on 2 rates a Standing charge and a Unit rate ( Kwh) . A standing charge is a line rental which is paid to the supplier for offering a gas supply. The standing is usually is a daily rate which is charged regardless of your usage . The Unit rate or Kwh plays a very important role in your business gas bills as every units used by your business is multiplied to it . One should always compare the Pkwh before taking any fixed term contract .

At Brit Energies you will be able to compare over 150 different business gas deals and switch in minutes.

Brit Energies has very close relations with all major suppliers in the UK which includes Big 6.

British Gas



N power


Gas Prom

Dual Energy

Crown Gas & Power

Scottish Power


Dual Energy



Extra Energy



Yes Business gas prices do change frequently as the business energy market changes and is very unpredictable. To be on a safer hand always take a fixed term contract so you are not affected with the sudden price change.

Meter point reference number is a unique number designated with a meter and is between 6-10 numbers.

Your business gas usage is displayed on your most recent bill and the usage is calculated based on actual readings.

No there will be no loss of supply while switching your supplier and process does require a physical access to your business premises.

Contract end dates are displayed on bills under contact details

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Britenergies are very helpful for easily making us understand the criteria of tariff plans with their expert advisors.

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As i was facing troubles to pay lot of electricity bills with 20% and above VAT services i found britenergies and switched to it and got an easy to switch to their services and cheapest plans to go with them.

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